scottHey, there reader!

My name is Scott and I’m the founder of Scott’s Crib.  The main idea of my blog is to share, ideas, lesson that I’ve learned during my life, working as Carpenter and building my own house from the foundation.

How did I get here?

I’ve always been the practical guy among my friends. ‘Oh… so the sink doesn’t work? Scott my might know what’s up.” or ” Hey Scott,  which type of a Drilling machine is the best for…?”  Years and years of this got me thinking… if I could just this information online, Instead of helping my 10 buddies I could help hundreds of thousands of people. A pretty bold idea huh?

In this site, you’ll most likely find a wide variety of topics. From picking the right tools like best generators to real hands-on DIY tips for home improvement. I’ll write stuff based on what I’m feeling is important at the moment, and on your feedback, my dear reader.


I hope my articles and guides help you. Actually, if they did… please let me know. I love hearing that, it’s like a fuel for me to keep going.